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Short Circuits

Q I am thinking of buying a MacBook to replace my Windows laptop. Is there a way to move the Microsoft Outlook file (e-mails, contacts and calendars) between a PC and a Mac?

Q&a With Taj De Dust

Full name: Taj Monamodi Kenosi. D.O.B November 23, old enough. What gets your blood boiling? The sound of reggae pumping while I'm up there with Jah! What would you run across the road for? To get the goddamn people or company that sends me junk mail more

Electronic Forms: It's A Circus Out There

In today's world of e-mails and websites, adding or updating your information on to a database should be easy. You usually have to fill-in a form or template.

Court Battle Over Junk E-mails That Spam The World

THE battle over junk e-mail is becoming nasty with massive lawsuits, filthy phone calls and broken windows.

Message To Text Creeps: U R Stalked

PHONE companies will treat life-threatening text messages and e-mails in the same way they do threatening phone calls following a rise in the use of the mediums by stalkers.